About Us

Moronni International, founded in 2013 is a leading market-entry specialist, focused on the niche and luxury industry. Moronni International has numerous own retail stores and manages different brands stores of partners within the Chinese market.


Our expertise lies in China market entry and our complete business solutions include; e-commerce setup, marketing strategy, merchandizing, and all day-to-day operational activities. We develop effective marketing campaigns and strategies for each of our partners. Moronni develops customized step-plans with different phases for market penetration and long-term business. Our strong focus on content creation and our extended experience on e-commerce provide our partners a positioning advantage.

“With a complete business solution we expand global retailers to the fastest growing market, China”


China it is a fast evolving retail market. Nowadays, Chinese luxury consumers are more sensitive to content and their purchase behaviours is based on the quality of information they were able to find about the products and brands. In order to embrace success, Moronni International has an active approach on marketing and promotion. Moronni International sets up the market-entry strategy according to our client’s vision on penetrating the Chinese retail market. We implement all the aims of our partners into our daily operations. Moronni international strives on a long-term cooperation with our partners by thriving our partner brand’s heritage in the Chinese market.