Lubin Paris

Pierre-François Lubin, one of the greatest perfume makers in history, left
an indelible mark on the art of perfumery.
Born in 1774, his life spanned one of the most turbulent and exciting times of
French history. 
Lubin was initiated to perfumery at the age of 10, under the apprenticeship of Tombarelli, a perfume master in Grasse. In 1790, he left Grasse for Paris to complete his training under Jean-Louis Fargeon, who was then still serving as the official perfumer to Queen Marie-Antoinette. Even during her imprisonment in the Tour du Temple, the French Queen continued to receive regular supplies of her favorite fragrance from her loyal perfumer. Every day she wore an eau de toilette containing citrus notes. And her favorite was the scent of roses, a fragrance Fargeon captured with great skill.

After the revolution, Lubin began distilling his own compositions at his premises in Paris. In 1798 he opened his first boutique, Au Bouquet de Roses, a discrete tribute to the Queen, who had by then met with her tragic fate. His subtle blends and exotic fragrances soon made him popular with the most coquettish and sophisticated members of society and he became the most fashionable perfumer of the day. The creations of the young perfumer were appreciated by the first dandies who emerged after the turmoil of the French Revolution. Known as Les Incroyables or the Incredibles, while their beautiful, extravagant companions were referred to as Les Merveilleuses or the Marvelous, they were the first trendsetters. Their extravagant way of life soon became the symbol of a new Parisian savoir-vivre.


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